I LOVE my Little Black Rake!!! When you have trouble with back and hand arthritis it is a life changer!! I can’t say it enough — best mother’s day gift last year!! Thanks again for introducing me to it!!!


I purchased the Little Black Rake at the Madison, Wisconsin Garden Expo. I knew I would find some uses for a light little rake, but I honestly did not expect it to immediately become my favorite and most used rake.

It’s easier to use than a standard leaf rake, or large and clunky double tined rakes. It is also superior to a collapsible aluminum wire rake in most situations.

It is super lightweight and has great sweeping action. I use it for garden clean up to sweep up pulled weeds. I use it to clean up after edging and for many other jobs where a broom-like rake action is desired.

The rake has made my gardening and yard maintenance significantly easier. I highly recommend it.

Noel Valdes (Owner, CobraHead Tools)

I truly love this rake! Now I can rake my entire yard in less time and without being sore the next day. It’s amazing how much more I can grab with less effort! I am very happy with the Little Black Rake!


I give the Little Black Rake two thumbs up! I have several sheep and a llama and the rake works very well to help keep the barn and pasture clean and neat. The double set of tines is very efficient at raking up waste piles and spreading bedding.

Because the tines are spaced farther apart than on a regular leaf rake, they don’t get clogged full of straw bedding that I have to clean out by hand. The rake is lightweight and the handle a good length. An all around good design. I definitely recommend this rake.


I just wanted to let you both know that I LOVE my Little Black Rake!

As you know we have Oak trees and they drop thousands of acorns. We tried everything! the garden weasel, regular rakes, and even my husbands super leaf blower. Nothing removes them like my Little Black Rake!

It’s amazing! Thank you so much! And  you both for being so sweet, I love doing business with you both!